Etta 1 of 5
Sam Chell April 06, 04
I've reviewed at least 6 if her albums on Amazon and made the point that she's on my list of the top tens singers in the history of jazz. There are some "rough" moments on some of her Muse recordings (Ella, Sassy, and Carmen all experienced them during the latter part of their careers), but everything she did on Prestige during the early '60's was beyond compare. Unfortunately some don't seem to "get" it (how could All Music Guide give a miraculous recording like "Love Shout" 2 stars?) Or they simply can't get it through their heads that you're talking about Etta Jones, not James. No one has a more natural, unforced delivery. The moment I first heard her I thought maybe this is how Lady Day sounded live and in person when she first started out. But Etta is also much more of a blues singer than Billie--listen to her early recordings with Bud Johnson. I'm trying to track down any recordings she made with Earl Hines and Art Blakey while she was with those groups.
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