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Allen Lowe November 20, 01
I just wanted to add to the fine obituary of Tommy Flanagan: One important pianist who keeps getting lost in the historical record these days is Al Haig, who was probably the major early influence on Flanagan. When I interviewed Flanagan in the late 1970s he told me as much, as did both Hank Jones and Barry Harris. Haig was, after all, the first on the scene with an alternative to Bud Powell's much-harder-to-assimilate style; he showed that there was another way to go; he had a brilliantly open sound and wonderful touch. Nearly all post-War beboppers owe some debt to Haig - I remember Dick Katz remarking at Haig's funeral, in 1982, that there should have been a line of pianists going out the door - Allen Lowe
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