very sad 1 of 3 July 01, 02
My mother and I were on the internet trying to find her father. She had contacted him a few years ago and met him as well. She had not ever seen or known that David "Bubba" Brooks was her father until she was 40 years old. My twin sister and I met him in New York at one of his concerts. Anyway, my mother had been trying to locate him for a while and we were on the internet looking for him and we came across this site and saw his name and these dates, clicked on it, and saw that he passed away. This is extremely sad that my mother never knew her father and never had a chance to meet her brothers and sisters. As I type this note, my mother is crying, crying very hard and it is sad that we had to find out this way. My mother, David Bubba Brooks daughter's name is Sharon Tention. My mom was born in 1957. If someone could please help us find some answers we would be more than appreciative. Thank you.
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