Cy Laurie 1 of 11
Martin Frosh September 17, 04
Oh what memories - here I am in Australia surfing idly, and prompted by reference in today's paper to The Firehouse Five, and never expecting to find Cy Laurie on the net, and sorry to hear that he is no longer with us; The Windmill Street club was the Saturday Night magnet in my late teens; it was the music and the atmosphere, but also the place to find out the address of that week's rave; there were five of us, and between us we could muster three cars - unusual in those days - which ensured that we always gathered passengers who knoew the ropes. On one - then celebrated occasion, four of us went to Manchester, at the drop of a hat in an Austin A35, by the time we got there it was all over, so we returned to London with an extra passenger, who had been given a trumpet which he taught himself to play on the journey.

It was thought at the time that Cy was a gravedigger at an east London cemetery- but no mention of this talent in his obituary; at the time I lost track of the club - transfering my enthusism to The Players Theatre, I do not remember that he had recordeded, tho' most others mentioned had. How we hated Himphrey Lyttleton !

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