Russ Freeman, pianist with Chet Baker 1 of 3
Malcolm Hopkinson April 16, 05
It is ludicrous that in April 2005 I should be the first to write a few lines about the remarkable Russ Freeman. I live in Toronto now, but as a boy of 16 in the industrial North of England I found Russ Freeman to be an integral member of the Chet Baker Quartet. I remember I was buying 45rpm EPs (extended play not LPs long playing) with my pocket money, there were 2 I wanted and I could afford only one. I got the one with Bea's Flat, an amazing piece with Russ Freeman taking an important solo. Now I have all those tracks on CD... Modern Jazz was the only "cool" music for teenagers then in 1955-56 and Russ Freeman's name was important to me... so I say Thankyou Russ, for the music I heard then and have today
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