loved the man 1 of 3
sean shinners December 07, 04
i met richard in detroit in 1978 i came from ireland and married the daughter of a friend of his shirley thompson gerber he was very kind to me in my new country and my fondest memory of him was when he brought me to this old garage whaer he used to work on cars and he had a little bed their and a television and he also had a hangun i had never shot a gun in my life so their was a wooden block on the garage floor that he used for holding up cars so he said i could shoot the gun at the b;ock so i did being my first time and being indoors i was not ready for the noise so i dropped the gun after shooting and completely missed the block of wood and the bullet ricoched a couple of times and landed where we never found out but i was so scared that all richard could do was fall around the place laughing i just found out that richard died as i have been back in ireland for many years but if i knew i would have been at his funeral my deepest sympathys to his family and friends. sean shinners 6162491951
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