Warfield, Price, Calloway the Perfect Porgy and Bess 1 of 1
Dixon Gayer August 18, 07
I had the good fortune to be Cab Calloway's publicist when he joined the cast of "Porgy and Bess," starring the incredible team of William Warfield, powerful voice, imposing personality, and Leontyne Price, lovely, incredible voice, and, for me and many others, a personality that made her the perfect Bess to Warfield's great Porgy. (My man, Callloway was also just right for the slick, "sinister" Sportin' Life. I first saw thia amazing production pre-Boadway in Washington, D. C,. where it was a smash. Now, just months shy of my 90th birthday, I still feel privileged to have had the opportunity to see the greatest "Porgy and Bess" ever!
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