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Jimmy February 08, 07
Chris was my mentor in Atlantic City NJ where we both lived. He took me under his wing and taught me an invaluable lesson in music backed up by an immense storehouse of experience and memories. I must correct the bio that claims he led his own bands into the '70's. He led a band nightly from 11pm to 3am at Bally's on the boardwalk (with Stan Hunter om B3, Jay Lishen (Corre) on tenor, and Clyde Terrell singing a'la Mr. B in front. This was in 1981. Frank Sinatra made a trip there to see him on at least one occasion. He had a band in the Golden Nugget in the mid eighty's and wound as a most beloved showman at the Showboat in a very energetic swing/trad band until a moderate stroke finished his playing days. This was in around 1996! Chris was a very opinionated man and a very tough cookie. He was also a very very benevolent man who gave freely of his craft, never asked for a dime and was ALWAYS good for a hang to listen to anything as long as it swung. He`had a barrel chest and a huge shovel-like underbite that was often crammed with peanuts or goldfish crackers. He had an infectious laugh that always ended in a long and slow to disapate falsetto "aaaahhhhhh". He would teach how to identify a groove by playing records from his enormous collection and holding ones arm or pulling on sleeves and giving facial expresions at key moments all with the idea that you would have that "ah-haaaa" moment that did eventually come for me. His photo collection was wonderful and he choked up when speaking of Sonny Paynes' death. Joseph Christopher Columbus Morris was the most colorful character I have ever known and was like a second father to me. He will be
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