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Dom Minasi August 15, 04
I knew what a great player Peter was, but I never played with him before. It was exactly 28 days after I had open heart surgery. I was very concerned about my performance and the heat. Playing with that group, Blaise Siwula, Jeff Arnal, Peter Kowald & myself, that night was the best therapy anyone could have. Yes, it was hot but the energy was high and working with Peter was a joy. He was generous & very concerned about my health. The next day I emailed him to again tell him how much I enjoyed working with him. My wife, Carol and I left for our upstate hide-a -way so I could rest. Two days later Blaise called to tell me of Peter's death due to heart failure. I went into shock and depression all at the same time. When we came home a fews weeks later, there on our computer was a message from Peter that he sent back to me the day before he died, saying how much he enjoyed playing with me too. That concert was one of my fondest & yes , one of my sadest memories in my musical life.
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