Ray Conniff - An Appreciation 1 of 1
Courtney A. Leigh April 08, 07
I was on my way home from choir rehearsal one Sunday afternoon when I heard of Ray Conniff's demise on the radio, and I felt quite a jolt. I am an avid music fan whose appreciation of music covers a wide spectrum. In my formative years, however, my instincts were mostly attuned to Top 40 music. One day around the mid-60s as I sat having lunch in a restaurant, I heard this infectious sound (piped music) that 'hit a nerve' and made an indelible mark on me. It was the "The Talk of the Town" album by The Ray Conniff Singers. I could not wait buy that record, and acquired over two dozen more of his albums over the ensuing years, way more than I have of any other artist. Ray had such a remarkable ability to blend voices with instruments that sometimes you weren't sure whether you were hearing a voice or an instrument - such seamless harmony, so soothing, yet lively. My list of favorite artists over the years includes the Beatles, The Four Tops, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, but at the very top of the list is the unmistakable Ray Conniff. My life is much richer for having known his music and to be able to continue enjoying the precious legacy he left for us.
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