Matt Betton, a VERY hard act to follow 1 of 1
Larry Kirmser November 19, 05
My first real job was at Matt's music store in Manhattan Kansas. The year was 1962, my junior year in high school. My motivation for working in the store was to have an excuse to be closer to his daughter Martha, who, at that time I was totally captivated by. As it turned out, I don't ever remember seeing Martha down at the store, but I did get my first real experiences learning to repair musical instruments (which, BTW has been my profession for the past 43 years). Matt (or, the "White Fox", as we referred to him, behind his back) was an amazing fella. We will never know just how many persons he inspired positively; certainly countless. His presence on this earth will be felt by the music field and musicians for as long as music is made. I do remember that Matt liked to save odd things; items that many felt were really junk. It got to be kind of a joke, in that every time one of us had to make a run to the dump, we would always ask: "Hey Matt, I'm making a run to the dump. . . . .do you want me to pick up anything for you?" I will always be thankful I knew this man and his family.
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