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doctorlove February 14, 03
As a tribute to a fallen member of the jazz community, BIGTIMEJAZZ, on san francisco cable 29 will present a televised program during Black History Month about the life and times of former Duke Ellington sideman Taswell Baird Jr. who lost his life in a robbery pulled by street thugs.

The 80 year old man was in his wheelchair coming from the store for others who lived in his building when he was confronted. He was thrown from his wheelchair, robbed, beaten and murdered.

The tribute to Mr Baird will be shown on February 28, 2003, 10:00 p.m. Channel 29, san francisco cable.for more information e-mail to http://www.bigtimejazz@hotmail.com or go tothe website at http://www.bigtimejazz.com. please include your input, good or bad. thank you.

Andrew Maker founder, producer and director of BIGTIMEJAZZ

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