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Dave Kay February 24, 03
I find the news of Mongo Santamaria very disturbing not only becuase we have lost one of our dearest and most valuable treasures, but becuase I should have learned of this in the local press. I trully regret the fact that artist of this caliber can be overlooked and ignored by the media. Some how we should never alow the precious memories of this great man die. I send my condolences to all of his family and friends, who are many. I met Mongo & Tito Puente in Spanish Harlem on the same day at the same time, an indelible moment I shall never forget. They were performing a benfit clinic/show for kids. I would simply say that Mongo was a giant among men not only out of respect for his musical prowess but for his unselfish, relentless passion for helping others. I love you dearly Mongo and, Oh! how the world will miss you.
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