my grandpa 1 of 2
javonne adams hatfield November 19, 06
My grandfather is a man who no man can replace no man could break no man could fake my grandfather is a man of truth I will continue to miss him through the rest of my youth I know that he has been gone for sometime now but that doesn・t give me the right to just move on now my grandpa was like my other dad he was there for when I was happy or sad when I felt alone down and out he was there to talk to me about life and all its greatness so now I know that my pop pop is in a better place but keep in mind he right there in your face he watches us even though we don・t know it he sit beside us to make sure we don・t get hurt he is here for us to fill the holes of thing that seem to be unclosed when u need a hug he will give it to you and it feels so real you may not know what to do just don・t be afraid just open your arms he loves us ALL and he means no harm sadly on November 21st will be the 4th year he has been gone but don・t cry rejoice because he wants us all to no longer morn he is happy in heaven he watches you so when you think of him don・t begin to cry smile and say I love you grandpa, dad , or whatever he is to you and listen very close and im sure you will hear him say I love you too! I love and miss my grandpa but I・m happy because he wants me to be -javonne adams - hatfield- I am proud to have his last name

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