Anthony Fargnoli October 09, 04
As a young pianinst, I had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Freddy Guerra. I was always fascinated with his 'FIRST CLASS' style and charm. I remember playing piano at the Balsams Resort Hotel and everytime Freddy, along with his lovely wife Ruth, walked into the dining room at night, I would immediately play "Moonlight Serenade" in his honor. He would looked at me and give that classic wink and smile. I was honored to play for him. I would also listen to him and his orchestra play each night. He was a true professional and a fine gentleman. I will never forget that summer working with Freddy Guerra. And after all these years, from back in 1982, the memory will continue from the morning chats, the dinners together, and advice he would offer, to the very last day I said good-bye going back to college in the fall. Thank you, Freddy, you are a true inspiration and I will always have fond memories of knowing you during that summertime gig in New Hampshire.:)
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