Jimmy Knepper appreciation 1 of 3
ddupont June 24, 03
Jimmy Knepper is one of those artists whose work with a legend, Mingus in his case, unfairly overshadows the rest of his career.The common critical observation is that Mongus pushed people to play above themselves. But that wasn't the case with Knepper. Yes, his stuff with Mingus was great. But my all-time favorite Knepper cut was "Kids Are Pretty People" on Thad & Mel's "Monday Night" recording. And the recent re-release of Tony Scott's dates from 1957 "A Day in New York" (Fresh Sounds) shhows Knepper was already blowing hard. Mark Master's big band date featuring Knepper himself as soloist playing his own compositions is also a fine testament. He just always seemed to turn up on interesting sessions. An irreplaceable musical personality.
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