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Shelia Baker February 09, 04
I saw the tribute to Mr. Henderson tonight on the Grammies. I thought of him because my father, Sam Pruitt who died this past summer too told me a story about the time he was on his way back on a navy ship at the end of WWII. He said he and a black gentleman who played great piano and became famous later played together in the bottom of that ship every night on their way back to the states. He said it was a very stormy ride and the bottom of the ship was the best place to be. My father played guitar and loved playing with him. They made home made ice cream down there too. Just wondering if Mr. Henderson ever told a story of his return to the US on a ship that was in a rocky sea. My dad could only remember his last name started with an H and he kept saying henders or something like that.....even if it wasn't I wanted you to know my father died too this past summer on Jun 28th in Mississippi. He died at age of 81. They could have known each other. But my Dad said he was a wonderful musician. a great man. Thanks
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