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keeper of the flame September 29, 04
As a twentysomething musician devoted to all forms of music, including the legacy of jazz, Nisenson's writing has caused me to ponder my own musical pathway: to strive for innovation, not parroting; inclusion, not division; ecstasy, not restraint. Because he acted as a conduit for the unbridled songs of Miles, Coltrane and Sonny Rollins, among others, Eric Nisenson has given me appreciation for those proponents of jazz as a "living art," even though there are those who are unwittingly killing it off. Hey, remember what happened when you tried to catch a butterfly? Didn't live long, did it? More to the point: how much fun is a dead thing under glass as opposed to a living being taking flight, the sun reflecting through its wings? Even though the golden age of jazz has long gone, its spirit lives on through new forms, whether we like them or not. I still have Nisenson's books, and will refer them to anyone interested in the substance of this beautiful music called jazz.
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