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Paul Shapiro June 26, 04
I was shocked to hear about Grover Sales' passing. I actually had the chance to meet him twice in person in 1987 and 1988, when he came up to Fairbanks as a guest lecturer. I brought a copy of his book "Jazz: America's Classical Music" with me, which he happily autographed for me, and we chatted. I was only 16 at the time, and he was impressed with how much I know about jazz. He also presented me with a card that read "If we all ate what we listened to, we'd all be dead" which came about when he experienced eating in a restaurant featuring lousy music on their PA system. I certainly agree with him, not having any interest whatsoever in rock music.

RIP, Grover. Hope you're enjoying hanging with Duke and Dizzy and Lenny Bruce and all those cats!

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