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Jan Jenson May 10, 04
I got to know Chuck when I lived in Santa Monica in the early 1990's. Immediately upon landing in the big city (from Maui) I searched the dial for the BEST jazz I could find and landed on KLON my very first day in town. As I became enmeshed in the LA Jazz Scene and started writing and photographing for California Jazz Now magazine and a lot of other magazines and newspapers, radio & TV stations in town, I met Chuck at one of the local festivals and we immediately hit it off. (There weren't many women he could see eye-to-eye with - literally - I"m 6 ft. 1 in my bare feet!). I loved and deeply respected Chucks vast storehouse of knowledge about jazz - and even after I moved to North Carolina in 1994, I listened almost daily to KKJZ (and still do at work 3 days a week). Really MISS hearing his voice on the radio and I'm sure the jazz community as a whole across the U.S., even the globe, since KKJZ can be listened to over the internet! We miss ya Chuck!! Say hello to Miles & Diz and Stan and Benny and the rest of the gang for us, will ya???
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