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Gabe Villani August 22, 04
I met John LaPorta when I was living with Marshall Brown with Charlie Camilleri, who was a student of Marshall's. They were puting together the Newport Youth Band.I remember many talented musicians trying to rehearse the band, Marshall would jump up and down, others would try the inteletual approach to showing the band how a figure went. All John had to do was sing the phrase as it should be played and every one would say, "Ahhh That's how it goes". John and Lou Mucci were the best of friends and between them they helped me and a lot of musicians just by talking to us. I talked to John about 6 months ago. I am writing a biography on Charlie Camilleri and John was very gracious and as wonderful to talk to as he always was. He was a gifted teacher but more than that, he was a wonderful man.
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