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Devorah Segall March 18, 05
Dear Friends:

A memorial for jazz trumpeter Danny Hayes (1946-2004) will be held on Sunday, April 3, from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m, Eastern Daylight Time.

The memorial will take place in New York City at the Musicians Local 802 Clubroom, 322 W. 48th Street, first floor (between 8th and 9th Avenues).

For further information, if you wish to play or speak at the memorial, please contact Bill Kirchner (kirch@mindspring.com) or John McNeil (johnnymac@omnitone.com).

I want to share the following eloquent and accurate description of Danny's playing and essence: from Danny's friend Dimos Dimitriadis who posted this at Jazz.Gr.com: Trumpeter Danny Hayes passed away Sunday, 12/12/2004, at age 58. According to musician and Jazz.GR friend Dimos Dimitriadis, Danny Hayes lived in Greece, mostly in Thessaloniki, for many years during the 1980s, during which time "he served as a jazz missionary showing fellow musicians the true jazz beyond myth and superstition," as Dimos says. According to Dimos, his sound was warm and human, and as much as it seems incredible for someone who was a soloist with the Buddy Rich orchestra, he disliked high notes and mainly played low scales in a manner similar to Chet Baker. His solos were always characterized by austerity and substance combined with an irresistible swing and lyricism.

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