Dick Heckstall-Smith 1 of 1
Herbie May 04, 05
Four months after his death, it's about time that someone said something here about Dick. His vast contribution to music (not just to jazz, or rock, or blues, or British music), but to MUSIC is impossible to overestimate. Of course he was not alone in being scandalously neglected by the public and the music business, but it was easy to take him for granted because he was so ubiquitous. Perhaps we thought he would always be with us. Over the years he would crop up in the most unexpected places, including once in a busy pub in Euston in which I was having a post-work beer. There was no prior publicity concerning his appearance and his stunning performance quickly polarised the clientele! Some left hastily to catch their trains. Those who remained, most of whom I presume had never even heard of him, were clearly enthralled and treated to a close-up of a living legend in his pomp. That wonderful sound of his - what I call a "warm wail" - will indeed live on with those of us fortunate enough to have heard it. RIP, Dick.
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