Could we change a life? 1 of 1 February 14, 06
On my breaks, I'd run across the street into the alley of the well known Jazz Club "Blues Alley" to listen for all of 14 minutes. I got a chance to hear and meet musical greats from Betty Carter to Dizzy. One night I meet Phillis Hymen. I mentined that I was a percussionist on break from my gig across the street at the "Saloon". I said I'd love to hit with her. She responded with - send me a video, no junk, only professional. I didn't get a good feeling, and didn't follow up. I must admit that I was only thinking of what I could get out of the situation. Now if I wasn't thinking so selfishly I might have picked up on the possibility that Phillis might have needed my agape love and friendship. I might have realized that I could have been able to help her. My life was and is pretty great. She might have been pretty needy at the time. When I heard that Phillis had committed suicide, I thought that I need to be more open to the needs of others. I passed the place Pam sang on Friday and Saturday nights many times. I thought that I might be able to gig with her, or have her sing with my band. I didn't one time think of how I might be a blessing to her, and now I'm feeling once again like I need to be more in tuned with how I could have reached out to her with a little Godly love, but didn't. We never know if we could change a life with just reaching out to someone. I almost want to cry, but I'm too grateful. I'll have another chance to bless someone soon I bet, and so will you. La Mont
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