Stan Levey 1 of 1 October 18, 07
Growing up as a jazz drummer in LA in the '50s, I would go to the Lighthouse to see and hear Levey every chance I got (because they served food, there was no age limit). The band changed periodically, but included great players like Sonny Clark, Bob Cooper, Frank Rosolino, Conte Condoli, Richie Kamuca, and Victor Feldman. Levey was always a driving force, with great chops and a pocket that was unmoveable, swinging, and hip. And, although I'm sure there must be others, he is one of the only truly left hand drummers at that level that I've ever seen or heard of (those photographs of him are not reversed; he set his drums up and played totally as a lefty). Sorry more people aren't aware of him and his legacy, since he matched up well with anyone on the scene at the time. Thanks for posting his bio.
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