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Code Mann-dawn2012goddess@yahoo.com February 13, 06
The 2nd untimely death from among the Canterbury ranks-(the first being the very talented keyboardist/composer Alan Gowan in 1981 @33 from lukiemia) When Soft Machine (who had always been jazz fans, though emerging thru the London psychedelic underground)decided to go in a more jazz-heavy direction, Elton Dean was the ideal choice of reedman to fill out thier improv-laden modal compositions (which reflected the electric Miles Davis groups of the day, as well as the modal spendor of the mid-sixties Coltrane band) His lyricism,fine melodic sense and sheer intensity, showed him to be a first rate saxaphonist. (Soft Machine Third) On Soft's albums Fourth and Five, Dean brought more of his turbulent free-jazz blowing approach,as well as on other projects. I hope that in death, he will draw new listeners from the jazz faithful, especially enthusiasts of the ballsier side of electric fusion. He (as well as Soft Machine itself)deserve more recognition, particularly in the US. -Code Mann
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