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GJG May 30, 07
I worked with Ron Jefferson for a year and a half. (He was affectionately known as Mr. Jefferson or Mr. J.)I was the director of an After-School program and Mr. J was on my staff. He was a wonderful man, full of love and understanding. Mr. J and I talked about every topic imaginable. He was very easy to open up to and always provided heartfelt insight. Naturally we talked a great deal about music and he would fill my ears with stories about the greats he had played with. His dedication to music was unwavering. Even if you weren't a musician you would be uplifted by talking to him about music. He kept everything real, gave it to you straight. I'll especially remember his laugh (What a laugh!), unrestrained and full of life. Mr. J was loved by his co-workers and the community. He will be dearly missed. GJG

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