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Svirchev November 21, 08
About a decade ago, I saw one of Claxton's photos in the Georgia Straight, used as advertising for some music event with no credit line. I found a way to call him and heard a lovely voice. I told him about the ad and he laughed. " i used to sic my lawyer on companies like that, but the money I got back barely covered the legal bills. Now I just find out what product they are hawking and write a letter. They usually settle up with a high end product of their line. I got a beautiful stereo system that way!"

I asked him about how he got into jazz photography. "Man, I love three things in life: jazz, fast cars, and beautiful women. I've been pretty lucky. I married a model, worked with all those jazz cats, and got on as staff photographer on a magazine about racing cars."

He said he was coming to Vancouver shortly, we could have dinner together. "Say, are you shooting something every day. Anything, just shoot every day to develop your eyes."

He left a message a few days later. The Vancouver gig was cancelled and that was out last personal contact. But somethings never fade: his music images remain locked in my head.

Greetings from China, just came back from an investigation in the earthquake zones where I heard tragic stories and saw the absolute strength of the survivors.


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