The Greatness of Tapscott 1 of 2
Jaamiah Moori Bey September 27, 06
It is certainly true that Horace was a great musician, however by todays standards he was a great man and humanitarian. He died for us, many would not have made that trek out of negativity(ghetto, success, religion etc.) had it not been for the exposure and positive influence of this Brother Man, one, that I am proud and honored to say that iv'e known. He has helped to foster the careers of many great musician and artist, but he has also inspired the great deeds of many philanthpropic groups and organizations. Most recently Coolio's Producers, "Cosmic View" A collaboraton of Brothers Ernest and Ray Straughter along with Azar Lawrence are giving back to the community in a one day course in success at many local collages and universities. Designed to inspire students to stay in school and give them first hand info on how to market their wares, all by those who have done it most successfully for manny others, like Miles Davis, Kool and The Gang, Anita Baker, Gap Band, Earth, Wind and Fire just to name a few. All from students of a great, great man named Horace Tapscott.

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