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Doug Cullum June 19, 04
It was my privilege to know Colin Purbrook and call him a friend from the time I lived in Seaford, Sussex, England in the early 1950's to the time I relocated to the U.S.A. in 1973. I was fortunate to host many "wild" parties at my house, where his great talent for both music and celebrating life were evident and, through him, I met many terrific jazz musicians and multi-talented characters. Although I was already an avid jazz fan, being some 12 years older than Colin, he was instumental (no pun intended!) in developing and refining my appreciation of music. Although Colin was accomplished playing piano, bass and trumpet he was also competent playing almost any instrument, and in the early 1950's was an early exponent of multi-taping himself playing seven or eight intruments. I treasure some of those experimental tapes and also the trumpet he gave me. Despite the occasional wild episodes, I remember Colin as a kind, gentle man with a huge musical talent who shared his knowledge and honed my appreciation of jazz for which I will always be grateful.
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