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"Hollywood "Joe Nania June 08, 04
Hello to all,I had the pleasure of actually knowing Tal Farlow....I met Tal in Los Angeles when he was doing a 3 night show at the Silver Screen Room in the Hyatt House Hotel on Sunset Boulevard....and he was as humble as could be for a man of his incredible talents.....on that first particular night Tal did not have such a good attendance turn out but it was great for me and another guitar buddy ,Web Slate,in that we got to see and hear him in such a personal and quiet setting perform as a soloist.....even in the breaks between his sets Tal sat and talked guitar with us....he answered all my questions about the chords to the song "MISTY" and other tunes too..... and as the years went on I would go see his shows....I remember one particular one at Zinno's on 13th street in Greenwich Village,NYC when I walked into the nightclub before his first set and Tal called out my name to just say hi to me....right in the middle of a conversation with a few of his friends surrounding him...he actually felt that I was as important and interesting to talk to as they were and that is how Tal Farlow was....a great man....a very humble guy.... that once he knew your first name he would not forget it or you.....I also drove from Whitestone,New York to his house in Sea Bright,New Jersey to visit him.....just like we had planned....he had told me in California when I got back to the east coast to call him up and come on down to visit.....so I did bringing my mom along to meet him....we all had a great day.... it was on MARCH 7TH 1995.....a sort of chilly overcast afternoon.....but Tal's warmth was there to warm us up....he wound up giving me a guitar lesson that afternoon in that quaint little house of his on the Shrewsbury River in Sea Bright,New Jersey and it was at least 3 hours or so.....but Tal refused to take any money for his vast musical knowledge....but I still left $30.00 under a plate that I was sure he would find once I had left ....and he called me up the very next morning to say that I did not have to leave him money....that it was a pleasure just having me pay him a visit....Tal Farlow was as huble as they come.....god bless Tal Farlow.... "Hollywood " Joe Nania
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