A Scottish friend 1 of 10
Kenneth J. Gill December 17, 06
December 17, 2006. Today I was reading about the tragic killing in South Africa of Taliep Petersen. When I read about his "District Six" production, it reminded me of my association with the SA Jazz group District Six.

I spent quite some time with Russell ( He house-sat for me at Roseberry Ave, Clerkenwell while I visited NZ in 1983-4) and the guys in exile back in the early 80's. I will always remember these times, although I am white and Scottish I did feel a connection.

I did graphics and photography then and I am happy to say I've managed to keep photographs from some of those days. I do have some good quality images of Russell playing his bass guitar. Please feel free to email if you'd to view them.

A great musician and good friend, with that quiet smile.

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