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Malcolm Dickson January 23, 07
I was sad to learn, only recently, of the death of Paul Misraki 9 years ago. I first came into contact with Paul in 1969 when he wrote expressing his response to an article by myself published in Flying Saucer Review. There ensued a voluminous correspondence in which we shared our mutual interests in theology, psychology, parapsychology and ufology, as well as the minutiae of daily life. Our exchanges petered-out by the early 1980s, due mainly to my own negligence. Paul's letters to me amount to 172 typewritten pages. I kept them bound in a folder that miraculously survived an arson attack on my home in 2005 in which almost everything I possessed was destroyed.

Paul was a dynamic thinker inspired by a lively curiosity about the wonder and strangeness of life. Little has been said in the obituaries about his accomplishments as a writer, although his books on theology and the paranormal sold well and were highly appreciated. Recognition of his literary works was eclipsed by his many achievements as a composer of popular music. A list of his published works known to me but which do not all appear on the website, is as follows: IN MY FATHER'S HOUSE, POUR COMPRENDE TEILHARD, DES SIGNES DANS LE CIEL, LES EXTRATERRESTRES, PLAIYDOYER POUR L'EXTRAORDINAIRE, MORT D'UN PDG. There is also a book whose contents Paul discussed while writing it but without mentioning its title; published in May 1974 by "the best publisher in Paris," it "immediately sold by the thousands."

We never met in the flesh. Paul once joked that if we did meet we would probably both just sit in silence, everything having been said through the letters. Through these letters I gained a marvellous friend who communicated great charm, candour, energy, humour, insight and faith - and tremendous patience with this (then) young upstart of a correspondent.

God bless you, Paul. May you sup with the Lord in the halls of the highest heaven!

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