Attila Zoller 1 of 1 January 25, 06
Zoller didnīt leave Hungary for political reasons. That is a politically correct lie in order to hide the truth which is - He escaped persecution because of his German ethnicity, having been born into a German family of which there were hundreds of thousands in Hungary since the resettlement of that region with Germans after the Muslim invasion and and total destruction of the Balkans 300 years ago. Aside from that,one wonders why a man like Zoller would settle in the US. He was hugely successful in Germany and Europe at large and never achieved anything even remotely like that success in he US. What is encouraging to know is, that he was appreciated by his peers here. Thatīs at least somethinbg. As far as the Hungarian president lauding him, that was nice too. He lived in New York and it is strange that he never seems to have teamed up with Jutta Hipp again. The recording he made with Hans Koller in New York is top notch. Gerry Frederics
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