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Steve Herzfeld September 06, 03
It was great to see so much detail and care went into this article. I had also seen a condensed version before. I was one of Don's students at Dartmouth in 1970 for 6 months and it was a life changing experience that I look back on very fondly. Later I visited him in Sweden in 1973 just before he left for India. We stayed in contact catch as catch can until he passed and every time I learned something of value. I understand how he felt about a lifetime of study with Ornette because I found the same in my relationship with him. Our last meeting in person was in NYC in 1991 and I taped the discussion to use in a birthday tribute on a local NPR station. Drummer Bengt Berger has been kind enough to post the 45 minute RealAudio file at his site http://www.sami.se/art/berger/don/don.htm

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