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page February 02, 06
I think ella jane fitzgerald was very inspiring.As a matter of fact,we are doing somethingin school that involves looking up somebody and I chose her because just from looking at the cover she looks inspiring and looks fun to read.When I read here book I said she is the perfect person to to be like.Anybody who didn't like her must be crazy.I never even met here and I like her.So just because she wasn't in my time I doesn't mean her music was boring.If we all gave it a chance we would love it ,even popular kids.Thats why if you critize ella jane fitzgerald.I will critize you.If you think she is boring you're boring.Next time I see this website I want to see some nice comments.By the way this is coming from a little kid which is petiful grown ups don't even try to teach there kids this when they could.That's why I chose her for my report.
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