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steinwayb November 19, 05
A side-comment: would have never believed to be the first at anything... and now I am taken aback a bit as I feel having to write something substantial.. well, that is why I ventured here in the first place... Mulligan...one of my all time favorites. The sound, the style, the brain, the ear! The talent, the ease...overbearing. Everything he did you just had to sit there nodding in agreement interjecting an occasional "yeah" at times... I always sorted my jazz personalities as per excellence on their instruments. Mulligan was the baritone king. Getz the tenor, Oscar the piano, Brown the bass, etc. Mulligan's death knocked me back a couple of miles...so unnecessary and at the same time so unnoticed. He didn't deserve that, he had so much more yet to give...Well, I'll leave it at that, somewhat of an eulogy... but we're all much richer that he was here with us at all... I am listening to his Carnegie Hall concert with Chet Baker as I write this...I was there in person..."Unfinished woman?"...he was the unfinished man in that context...Ciao Gerry....see ya!
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