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"Ken Johnston" December 28, 06
Quite simply, Lauderic Caton was one of the most original British jazz musicians. His work in 1940, as exemplified on the CD Black British Swing, is as much at the cutting edge of the music as that of Charlie Christian. Sadly, being an original musician in the UK seldom seems to offer much hope of recognition, witness Joe Harriot, but there have been a number of substantial talents in British Jazz over the years including Dave Wilkins, Leslie Thompson, George Chisholm and, at the present, still, Coleridge Goode along with Courtney Pine, Denys Baptiste, Soweto Kinch, Larry Bartley and many more. It is a music that we should be proud of. Thankyou Andy Simons, Jez Nelson and Radio Three for keeping the music that Lauderic Caton was such an important contributor to at least available for a wider public than would otherwise be the case.
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