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George Cranmer November 18, 05
In the late '80s the band I was working with did a few Durham university balls opposite Ronnies quintet. Before the gig we would have the setting up and sound checks. After this there would be a period of hanging about- or going to the pub. We were all amazed that Ronnie stayed to practise, he would wander sround the stand blowing his tenor and our sax section stood 'open mouthed' at the technical skill that he had. Basically he blew through the sort of things that you find in any good sax tutor but he would take them through all keys and tempos. It was a lesson in playing for all of us. A GREAT sax player, and a very nice man. He stayed in the hall for our 20's & 30's big band sets and was very enthusiastic about what we were doing. A pleasure to have known you Ronnie.
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