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Joan Cartwright October 14, 03
In 1996, just before I returned to the States after touring Europe for 2 years straight, I met Dorothy. She was alive and well and the swingingest piano player I ever sang with. In 1998, we invited her to be one of two living legends at Gaiafest, in Fort Lauderdale. However, she was very ill and passed 5 weeks after the festival dedicated to WOMEN IN JAZZ. What got me was, when I met her in Bern, Switzerland, we were in her hotel room chatting and she asked me if I thought she "could make it" in Europe. I was shocked and appauled that this Diva of 76 could even think that she HADN'T "made it" yet. The world is a cruel place when a talent as great as DOROTHY DONEGAN goes unrecognized. It was Oscar Peterson who said Dorothy could "outplay" him!
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