bob thiele, f.b.i. agent and tank destroyer 1 of 1
terry cordoba September 13, 05
i have known his lovely daughter since she was seven i was nine and we were in 'studs lonigan' together. we filmed our segment at griffith park. we've 'been in love' ever since. we got together many times afterward in real life, she using other names, and hiding her identity totally from me. she's had much tragedy but almost much joy. her two brothers are gone now, her dad is gone now, and her mom is aging. bob thiele was not only a great musician, but his quick action intercepting a letter from a 'cousin' in germany who was due to sabotage new york for the nazis, resulted in the entire new york city area from being destroyed. for this he was given the title of honorary f.b.i. agent. undaunted he went aboard in much the same crew as my father did, if he is my real father, progress cordoba, through omaha beach forward towards germany. i believe bob went further than my dad. after 2 months, my dad was sent home to sick bay. his injuries too severe. on a tank destroyer outfit, bob did greatly. i have been lied to many times in my life, probably for my own good. i have had to tell lies too, to stay alive. generally speaking f.b.i. men have fidelity, bravery, integrity. we hope for the best and prepare for the worst. diane gordon, one of his daughters secret names, has done more for israel and america than one realizes. she will get a blue star some day for this. to tell more would be to breach classified information. for at this hour, a perilous blight is upon the earth.

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