The soul of Laurindo Almeida 1 of 3
Ken Brown September 29, 01
Laurindo was a shy unassuming man, whos focus was on communication at a very deep level. He was not flashy and superficial, but deep and inspirational. His solo guitar arrangements were masterpieces of genius. In fact his arrangements are as astounding to me as a Bach prelude. He was a master of counterpoint, and could make the guitar transcend its limits by his skill at arranging. Not only that, his arrangements lay so perfectly on the guitar that I'm astounded that I didn't think of some of his ideas that were right there in front of me.

Laurindo was one of the most underated musicians, by the general public. I really don't think he knew how great he really was.

Most of all, he was a kind generous soul. An open vessel to some sort of connection to the source. . . He was full of love. And that love he shared with those who were willing to listen.

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