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KSuzanne Massey November 17, 06
What a shame that in this country, the true history of a people is still discounted. Jesse Stone was a pioneer, said to be the father of Rock n Roll and no one even knows who he is? What a travesty. I know way too much about Elvis Presley, and his entire generation and I don't know about Jesse Stone. Come on music industry, this is supposed to be about art, why must even art have the r word in between its letters. A- racism-rt! How ridiculous that in such a modern society that the color ones skin is still more important than their artiistic ability, the contriubution they give to humanity. Music is the upliftment of the soul. Music has always been that which uplifts humanity....people of African descent have been the ones that by and large have shaped the music of this country, the world, and people still think that Pat Boone did something, or Elvis Presley got it started, or Guy Lombardo was a pioneer. These people were just there, they had talent, but they jumped on the bandwagon of the musical genius of descendants of slaves. We are all ONE, so it is wonderful that there was talent to pull on, but lets just give some recognition of the talent....put it in the history books! Get the NOTES RIGHT!
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