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Frank Meeson July 07, 04
I have been a big fan of Freddy's work since I bought my first 78 in the early 1950's. Seeing your short biography gave me great pleasure and I thank you for that. Although I saw his band play live on many occasions as it toured I only met him once. In April 1955, just before he set off to tour the US he came to Wellington, Shropshire for a one nighter. Freddy spotted the 'Freddy Randall Fan Club' badge which my sister had sewn onto my blazer and came over in the interval to speak. He stayed with me and my friends for some time and then took us into the band room to watch a film they had made. 'My Tiny Band is Chosen' I think it was called. Unfortunately he was called away for a phone call tied up with the impending US trip so we were left with the band for the rest of the break. Great times.
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