Bill's CD ‘For Adults Only’ Available Online 1 of 4
Mark Birch October 19, 07
When jazz star Bill Skeat died in 1999 he left behind an album that had been 3 years in the making. The album, entitled ‘For Adults Only’ had been finished, but since Bill’s death no moves had been made to release the album until recently. A family friend created a CD website and requested that this album be made available via the site, and the family agreed.

The self-financed CD has long been the subject of discussion among musicians and others in the music industry who knew it was nearing completion when Bill, then in his 70’s, passed away. Those who have heard it confirm that this is a worthy legacy from a much loved and respected man.

Bill spared no expense in getting the very best musical talent to play on his personal favourite collection of songs. The album was recorded in Russia and the UK and his fame in Russia helped to get the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra to perform on most of the tracks.

Bill’s trademark ‘sexy, breathy’ sound was achieved by using a hard reed, giving the maximum expression & nuance at the expense of being more difficult to play. He was particularly musical and melodic, rather than experimental, maybe similar in style to the great Stan Getz. was created in 2007 by Guid Ltd. (, owned by Mark Birch, a friend of the family). It is a service for musicians and operates on an invitation basis. It will respond to applications from any unsigned artists.

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