Tony Crombie - and Annie Ross 1 of 6
drayton Bird August 28, 06
I was introduced to Modern Jazz when I first saw the astonishing Ronnie Scott Orchestra at (believe it or not)The Ashton-under-Lyne Palais de Danse in around 1956.

Tony Crombie was the drummer. A very funny man, I remember, because I spent a few minutes with the band back stage. Lennie Bush, Benny Green, Victor Feldman were other members.

The explosive sound was a revelation - the only other jazz I had heard before was Louis Armstrong - and I guess the driving beat was largely due to Crombie.

Later I heard his own band, also very exciting. I recall that because the very beautiful (and brilliant) Annie Ross was the singer. And I recall her because she spent the interval talking to me - star struck teenager on the balcony. A very simple, but kind thing to do.

Crombie was a genuine original - but I never knew he had so much talent. Mind you, I have none myself - but three of my children became musicians

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