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Sy Mondschein June 14, 06
I new about Bernie through his younger brother Rubie ,who was trying to copy his brother Bernie ,by taking up the trumpet . I still recall when the Miller band caome back to this country , Rubie came running breathlessly up to my house showing me the latest Downbeat magazine that featured the four stars of the band on it's cover .It was no less than Bernie Privin , Peanuts Hucko , Ray McInley ,and Johnny Desmond ,the vocalist . After than , we went backstage at the Paramount Theatre ,in New York , where Birnie was being featured as the "Torrid Trumpeter" .At the old 500 club , Bernie had a huge cutout of himself outside the main entrance to club . Since I played trumpet ,as well , it was a thrill to meet Bernie once again . We also attended the Perry Como show ,as often as possible ,since Bernie played with the orchestra . All in all , it was an exciting part of my growing up with jazz ,and big band music ,that was out life , in those days ...... I am now living in florida ,most of the year ,and still digging all the retired great musicians who are still playing down here.
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