Vesela came to my party 1 of 3
Steve Hubback February 06, 09
In 1988 in Aarhus Denmark. I had a large ensemble performing the same time and evening as Vesela was in another venue. So before the performance I phoned to where Vesela was performing,got him on the phone told him he was invited to my party that would kick off around midnight, and he turned up. He'd not had a great night, but it got much better for him. Together with David Moss and Andrea Centazzo and the Nordic crew I had. We made Edvard feel he was among friends. I never saw him again and was very sad to learn of his death. He was a true innovator and pioneer. The day after the party which was hosted at one of my good Danish friends. I painted on his garden wall. Andrea Centazzo, David Moss and Edvard Vesela all partied here on 08 8 88. I think it was lost on most people, but there you go.

Steve Hubback

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