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Neil Mac January 14, 02
Levinsky was a superb clarinet player, his technique was just about perfect. One of the few old timers who you can compare with the modern technicians like Eddie Daniels.

He did a lot of studio work and his solos are scattered across recordings by just about every jazz big name you can think of. He worked with the Sauter-Finegin orchestra for a while and did a fine version of Clarinet a la King.

Later he did the clarinet solos on a re-issue of Artie Shaw charts conducted by Artie Shaw. Levinsky does the solos better than Shaw himself. Not to take anything away from Artie - it is just that there are degrees of excellence. The solos are not improvised but it doesn't matter - if you are a clarinet player you'll love it. Levinsky's solo on Nightmare is absolutely flawless. The CD might be obtainable second-hand and has a title of "Artie Shaw Re-creates His Great '38 Band" or similar.

Recordings are hard to find but try a search on "Levinsky" at Tower records and you'll find a few.

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