Manfredo Fest 1 of 15
CharlesHayslett October 12, 05
I am really thankful to have met Manfredo when he lived and play here in the Twin cities, (Minneapolis & St Paul Mn.) I loved his style of playing and music so much that I took a few lessons from him, just before he more to Florida. He was a great music teaher. He would have me bring a 90min cassette tape to practice, have me play a song, and tell me where I needed help and put it all on the tape for me to practice for my next lesson. I still have those practice tapes and have started listening to them again. Manfredo never forgot his fans here in Minneasota, he would return and do a concert at the Dakota Bar & Grill about once a year. I know alot a fans, musicians, and friends as myself will never forget the Great Manfreo Fest.
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